The need for content

They say… you know they, the they we can’t name… they say creating content is as simple as just documenting what you’re already doing. No extra steps except pausing to document the moments. Way easier said than done! Am I right?

There are extra steps after. Formulating the perfect framing context in comment or blog format. Including enough detail and humor or sarcasm to keep things interesting, but not so elaborate one gets bored. What is the objective? To share, to entertain, to … who the heck knows! It’s a real struggle.

I often get overwhelmed when I think of sharing content, and I know I’m not alone. I’m resolved to believe now that it merely, simply, absolutely just requires practice. The overthinking, the weight of pressure, the perfectionism, it fades, right? Of course. I’m trying to convince myself.

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Wyoming, the beautiful.


I sort of just want to post photos with no text because the views were breathtaking and words do no justice.

But I’ll tell you about my trip. I had an entrepreneurship retreat (I think we’re calling it that…). I paid for the experience in May. It was a steep investment at the time, so this trip was seriously anticipated and needed. I love to travel, and I feel most myself when I’m experiencing new places independently and in a small group with people I love. That’s all just to say… I needed this trip at the beginning of September.

I drove the five hours to Dallas, flew to Salt Lake City, and was bussed to Wyoming. This was a three day excursion. We stayed another three days in Wyoming for the retreat and then journeyed home. The three days in Wyoming were special. Reflective. I didn’t talk a lot but I absorbed as much as I could. I learned tools to help better inform my business actions. I’m stoked to implement new procedures.

Blah. Blah. Blah. So that’s why I went. What I breathed in was fresh air. What I saw was like artwork from God himself. What I felt was NOT hellish heat but cool caresses on my nose and cheeks and the warmth of a beanie and Mimi scarf. I am pro Autumn. I am pro September in Wyoming.


Italy Part 2

Our first day in Napoli was rainy, and we didn’t have grand plans. Shopping. Food. Coffee. Explore. Those were the extent of my expectations. Mom had in the past enjoyed hop on hop off tours, so that happened. We waited in the rain for a bus and took it around town until shopping and food beckoned. We had a great time exploring and the intimidating new city started feeling more magical and historically beautiful by the minute.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the pizzerias and coffee spots we found. We didn’t eat any McD’s that day, but we were impressed with the selection of treats. 😍

Oh, I forgot. I am a terrible planner. I didn’t heed any travel advice I read prior, so I didn’t pack well. I knew we were traveling in winter and it’s likely rain. I still didn’t pack a waterproof jacket. Or boots. On day one when we encountered rain, I was wearing a wool coat. We needed a shopping trip to adequately clothe this thirty year old.

The sun came out midday. All was right in the world.


Italy Part 1

Mom and I went to Italy for my 30th birthday in January. It was our first trip and my first international trip excluding cruises.

I flew from Dallas to Chicago to meet Mom. I flew into Chicago and was greeted with a snow storm and Chicago pizza. We flew from Chicago to Zurich to Naples. We left Chicago around 8 pm and got to Naples around 4 pm. We didn’t even get to go into the Zurich airport because of flight delays leaving Chicago; we got shuttles around outside the airport in Switzerland.

The first walks around the area we were staying in Naples had Mom and myself a bit apprehensive. Should be stay here all week? Do we find somewhere else?

We were told by the front desk when we arrived that restaurants were closed between 5-6:30. We didn’t quite interpret that right, and left to explore around 5:15, only to come back to the hotel empty handed for dinner. We ordered in for dinner and happened upon the best desserts. I seriously cannot wait to go back to Italy for coffee and tiramisu and all the desserts. And pizza, too. We became so much more comfortable after exploring in the morning. And I’m so glad we stayed.


Decluttering and Stuff

I’m a mess. In pretty much every aspect of my life, I’m kind of a cluttered mess. I am thirty, and I’m still not really sure what one should do with mail. You know, like when it arrives, and then after you open it, and then when you’ve seen the contents… where do you put it? I think the trash is probably a good answer. But what if you need it again?

My clothing, my desk, my shipping station… all a mess. Because where do you put things? I’m a professed terrible unpacker and locator of things new home. When we moved to our house, almost four years ago, a sweet woman from our church unpacked my kitchen boxes for me. I’ve talked about it over the years because it was such a sweet gift and act of service. I am terrible at unpacking in a new home and making a space for everything one owns.

On that topic, who wants to pack and unpack my next move? Any takers? Anyone take great joy in that process? Today, I started. I purged through my kitchen, throwing old or expired pharmaceuticals, teas, coffees, and glassware. I really feel like I made equal parts progress and more mess. Can you relate? That’s the thing about organization… I always feel like I make a bigger mess overall, and then I’m left with the feelings of “What do I like next?”

Next on my list is my personal closet, workspace, reading nook, and… everywhere else. It requires a lot of personal reflection as I prepare to donate/get rid of much of the things I’ve help onto for far to long. I’m so excited to turn the page and not feel overwhelmed by the mess. Here’s to productivity this Sunday!

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Motivated and Stuff

Somewhere along the timeline between 2017 and 2019, I lost sight of my goals. Auto-pilot engaged, and I was caught up in the daily tasks that didn’t include foresight.  The daily tasks left out appropriate self-care, soul searching, and dream chasing. The daily tasks focused on the pressures of the month, family balance, and survival.

I’m not proud of what I was or who I became, but THANK GOD for change and a big dose of reality to wake me up. In addition to the splash of WAKE UP, I got a new sponsor for this Lularoe biz, and she and the team that came with that change, has brought new focus and motivation. It’s like a page turned, from the hum drum life and business struggles to being able to reach again.

For months into years, I had forgotten that we really only achieve what we intend to, so when our intentions become a rushed shrug, our results get a shrug of “oh well!”, too. I am so thankful to see that again. I have goals set this month that came with the “April Incentive” for Lularoe. The challenge is to sell 10% more than your best month from January 2018-March 2019. Well that’s a huge LEAP from my sales lately to that challenge, almost to the tune of DOUBLE. But I’m running for it, and I need to keep my head down and sprint.

I’m going to celebrate this victory of a month. Even when I don’t reach that challenge. Do you know why? Because I see that hope again. I feel the growing pains which mean I’m growing again, and that deserves celebrating. I’m already having my best month since January 2018, but selling the amount of January 2018 is a challenge in itself and then to sell 10% more is a stretch. See why I’m celebrating? Something awesome is happening and I’m just stoked again. Here’s to stoking the flames!

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Time Travel and Stuff

Remind me how that happens again? The time passing what feels like in a blink specifically… I genuinely feel like the first quarter of the year has come and gone, but I was busy LIVING. I just couldn’t… wouldn’t make space for any creative outlets.

In January, I turned 30. My mom and I went to Italy for a week. It was the best of times. Legit, I lived. I coffee’d. I ate. I walked. I saw. ALL. THE. THINGS. No amount of pictures can make my tastebuds enjoy the January coffees again. We went to the island of Capri, saw the sights of Pompeii, and a snippet of Rome. We walked, rode buses and the underground, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Napoli/Naples.

I forgot to mention… PIZZA. The birthplace of PIZZA is where we stayed. We had pizza once or twice a day and it was glorious. It was eye opening and pure. Oh. My. Pizza. Is there pizza like this in the States at all?

I’m already itching to experience  that city again. I didn’t get the tattoo I attempted to schedule, as the artist cancelled due to his prior booking, and I’m not going to lie… that SUCKED. It didn’t ruin the trip though.

My mom had a couple things she really wanted to do in Italy, and seeing the Vatican was on the list. Between the Archaeological Museum in Naples and the Vatican Museum in Rome, we were overwhelmed with culture, history, and all things beautiful. There really are hardly words for the experience.

In addition to the coffee and pizza (and desserts), the other perk of our trip were the people. The guides that knew more than a handful of languages and were experts in history and always pursuing more information were just mind-blowing. On our Capri tour, my mom and I became fast friends with another family on the tour, a priest, his mom, and his aunt. They were from Spain, visiting the priest who now works in Naples. I love meeting new people while traveling.

I’ll attach photos shortly. Because words are difficult. I’ve got to wrap this up, but I’ve never felt so in awe as I was that week. I’m not convinced time travel isn’t a thing, but I think I will pause the LIFE BUTTON, and write again soon. Maybe.


New Year’s Day

This year seems to be louder. It’s not bad, but there’s so much loud motivation on social media the last couple days and today. And it’s fabulous and slightly overwhelming. I’m swaggering into the new year with confidence that it’s a clean slate of a year and an opportunity for growth. I’m hoping for new blessings and focusing in on new goals. That’s the plan… to make a plan.

I hear having a plan for success is the best way to succeed. So I’m getting to planning and not relenting on that focus. This. Is. The. Year. I don’t let myself down. I’m going to be a better friend. To myself. And to my friends. It’s hard for me, if I’m being honest.

Another thing I’m working on is pursing God-given interests, talents, and heart-tugs for more knowledge by reading. That means you’ll find me here writing and sharing art and nuggets of joy in my reading. This  is  the plan. 66CC5E04-A3CB-4E4B-9605-17E1AC53B7DD

What are you focusing on for your new year? I must know.

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Death by Paper

I am drowning.

I am drowning in my children’s school papers. Every day, they each bring home a handful of papers that I can most assuredly tell you I have no idea where to put them. I collect a pile on the counter and I proceed to NOT look at 90% of them. I’m just being transparent. But only sort of because that number is probably 95%…

I would never want to give off an ungrateful vibe. I have four amazing kids. They bring home so many papers from their awesome school, that I’m also thankful for. But I am up there on my list of people I know who are the LEAST organized folks. So what does a mother do?

I need all your best organizational contraptions and ideas for maintaining this new organized lifestyle, that I’m half-committed to implementing long-term. I need a system that is easy to keep up with and specific instructions on how to present or store it in a pleasing to the decor kind of way. Basically, I can’t be told to buy a plastic box for each kid without telling me where to “put it” (AKA hide it).  I am like the un-Pinterest Mom. I can’t be inspired by Pinterest pictures and set a plan in action. I wish that were me, if I’m being honest.

I really need to add in pictures for dramatic effect, but also because it’s the drowning reality. I have no idea how to keep up with all the things regarding kids in school. There are so many other school-related things I can’t keep up with and have to shrug off as “not in this season”. Any other mothers in the trenches or seasoned masters of this school stuff? Impart wisdom, please!




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I’m not always shy

Perhaps, the hardest thing for me to do is to talk to people I don’t know. You know what’s also hard? Talking to people I do know. Like really spilling it. People who knew me for years were shocked when I started Lularoe and had to be convinced that I did, in fact, talk for hours on end for my job.

I’m an introvert with a capital I. Additionally, I’m shy. Like really shy. So I like to be alone, I live for those times, but I’m also not a very open person without invested time of peeling back layers. But something happened when it became my job to not be in my natural turtle shell of a state; I stretched when needed. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not to sell Lularoe, but I have to be me in rare form. That rare form is a semi-outgoing Kayla who is very talkative and friendly and just… happy.

It’s not to say I’m not those things with people I’m closest to, but it’s just that… people I’m closest to don’t make me feel like I might be judged for something I say or do. (Typing this kind of brought about this new realization of what really is going on. YAY Blogging!) Basically, I have to skip ten friendship steps with my online audience and extend the trust that it’s okay to be transparent and free and me. I’ve never talked through this and realized what was actually happening.

I know from the start of this Lularoe thing in my life, I connected with people on live sales. People would come back and relationships were built. I was never phony but I know I was me in rare form. I like that phrasing; I’ll keep using it. This rare form isn’t natural for me when I’m not selling Lularoe, but doing this business has shown me that with practice, even the shyest introvert can sell the mess out of some dresses to strangers.

I hope there’s a shy person out there who feels encouraged to do the hard thing and put on the brave face next time life calls for it. With practice and the proper motivation, we can do what isn’t natural for some time and do it really well. It can become so comfortable to be positively you without the fear that shyness beckons as needed. I think that’s ultimately where the shyness comes from, comfort in being quiet and fear of judgment from those unknown. It’s hard to succeed at something new when comfort is the focus.   Perhaps comfort is something we should make an effort to stray from on the regular to keep stretching into humans that do new things, uncommon things. Oh, the things we’re capable of when we stretch. What is hard for you naturally, but you push through for the better?

How about that? I learned something new about this process and how it works by explaining it…. I can dig that. Stretch on!