Hustle Week

The last week of the month is always crunch time. I’m always pushing myself to reach a goal and this month is no different. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be for sales, so this week has been put my head down and hustle. I got put in the Facebook jail of sorts during my Colorado Takeover Tour. Which is excellent, you know, because most of my income and sales are generated using Facebook. And I was on a work trip. Trying to make money. It’s fine.

So I’m in jail. And I can’t post from my personal account to groups until afternoon on the 31st. That’s all just to say, I’ve been looking past some obstacles this week. I’m thankful for creative avenues to continue working. But it makes the hustle a little more difficult. I’m doing the dang thing though… so I’ve got major movement to do.

Next on the hardcore hustle list is that my house is not on the market, but feelers are out there. And my husband agreed to show our house Friday. And did I say I haven’t had a house cleaner since March? I haven’t. I’m not the best homemaker anymore (in this scenario, I’m pretending I once was). It’s more than that though… we have so many home projects that we’ve had in the works that we’re now looking square in the face and rushing. An exclamatory, “AHHHH!”, seems fitting.

Let’s not forget the four kids, dance and piano lessons, school event, and a “holiday” this week. AHHHHH!

Guess what I’m doing instead of putting my makeup on and selling clothes?… procrastinating and writing this. Come visit for some madness in your week. 🤪 Wish me luck!


Sunday Meal Prep

I’m definitely one that needs to celebrate victories. I don’t care if it’s that I didn’t oversleep all week or if I sold $20k. I need to celebrate. So yesterday, I conquered my kitchen and slayed the meat… err the ground turkey and the chicken thighs and the kids lunch and dinner. And… that’s all. I prepped enough that Luke and I won’t walk into the kitchen mid-day and throw the whole Keto adventure overboard.

I cooked up some ground turkey (because Walmart substituted my ground chicken for turkey). We intent to do taco/nacho/burrito Tuesday eve for dinner, so CHECK. My kids are fiends for tacos and they love nacho cheese, so you can basically give me MOTY (Mom of the Year) crown now. I win.

I made chicken thigh variety of a MS roast with riced cauliflower in the instant pot. This will be Luke and my quick warm up meal for lunches. It is so easy. I threw chicken thighs and some avocado oil in bottom of the pot, topped with pepperoncini peppers and its juices, some butter and riced cauliflower on top. A traditional slow cooker recipe for Mississippi Roast would also have a ranch packet and an jus packet, too.

I still have a pork tenderloin to cook this week. And some organic beef patties. My second oldest loves hamburgers and prefers them to most foods, so… another mom win for the week. Swish!

So here I am, celebrating that I took some time to set us up for success in the kitchen and with our health this week! What’s on your menu? Do you meal plan or prep?


The Last 90 of the Decade

It’s here. The final stretch of 2019. I’m not sure it was pivotal on the 90th day (I think it was yesterday… or is it today?)… I had started or re-started my healthier eating habits last week. I intend to keep those. It took some serious BLAH last week to get me motivated to make those healthy choices, I will say. I kept wanting to cut down my sugar intake but I kept spiraling and feeling like I had no control when cravings hit. It took a real rock-bottom feeling to sort of force my hand. But I’m back. I’m already feeling better and the ball is rolling!

That’s one of my final 90 days goal of this decade! Do you have any goals? Any new habits, better habits you’re striving to create now instead of waiting until 2020? I find myself waiting, day after day until the next Monday, you know the perfect start day… or week after week because next month is perfect! Or for January 1st, because what’s fresher than the new year, only to forget by that next perfect day to start, or to abandon it four days in when I lose the motivation or focus.

Do you also struggle with committing to goals your set for yourself? I’ve discovered I am REBEL. I’m a rebel by nature, only following through, committing to, and pursuing goals and ideals that suit the identity I have for myself. So if I’m determined that I’m a healthy person, by God, I’m a healthy person. But if I’m still a person that eats whatever the hell I want to while trying to make healthy choices, I’m going to derail reeeeeally fast. Do you do better with accountability?

What’s something you can improve on by 2020? Let’s brainstorm.

  • Healthy food choices
  • Sticking to a budget/pay off plan
  • Start a fitness routine
  • Read one book a month
  • Consistently go to bed before midnight (that’s so hard for me)
  • Make dinner at home 5-6 times a week.
  • Commit a new verse to memory every week.

That’s my brain dump. Share yours.


The need for content

They say… you know they, the they we can’t name… they say creating content is as simple as just documenting what you’re already doing. No extra steps except pausing to document the moments. Way easier said than done! Am I right?

There are extra steps after. Formulating the perfect framing context in comment or blog format. Including enough detail and humor or sarcasm to keep things interesting, but not so elaborate one gets bored. What is the objective? To share, to entertain, to … who the heck knows! It’s a real struggle.

I often get overwhelmed when I think of sharing content, and I know I’m not alone. I’m resolved to believe now that it merely, simply, absolutely just requires practice. The overthinking, the weight of pressure, the perfectionism, it fades, right? Of course. I’m trying to convince myself.

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Wyoming, the beautiful.


I sort of just want to post photos with no text because the views were breathtaking and words do no justice.

But I’ll tell you about my trip. I had an entrepreneurship retreat (I think we’re calling it that…). I paid for the experience in May. It was a steep investment at the time, so this trip was seriously anticipated and needed. I love to travel, and I feel most myself when I’m experiencing new places independently and in a small group with people I love. That’s all just to say… I needed this trip at the beginning of September.

I drove the five hours to Dallas, flew to Salt Lake City, and was bussed to Wyoming. This was a three day excursion. We stayed another three days in Wyoming for the retreat and then journeyed home. The three days in Wyoming were special. Reflective. I didn’t talk a lot but I absorbed as much as I could. I learned tools to help better inform my business actions. I’m stoked to implement new procedures.

Blah. Blah. Blah. So that’s why I went. What I breathed in was fresh air. What I saw was like artwork from God himself. What I felt was NOT hellish heat but cool caresses on my nose and cheeks and the warmth of a beanie and Mimi scarf. I am pro Autumn. I am pro September in Wyoming.