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First trip of the decade

Well that sounds dramatic. As it should. Every first of the decade is significant. You better believe my first donut will be documented.

As I generally do, I bought a ticket for the event I wanted to attend, a flight, and hotel reservations just four days prior to departure. Is anything else even a thing? 🤪 I usually take nonstop flights, but this time I had a layover in Phoenix. No complaints. It was easy to navigate and I was able to grab coffee inconvenience-free.

My adventure started with me leaving the house at 200 am to trek to Houston for my flight at 550. It was exhausting so I slept on all subsequent flights. I got to LAX around 1100 am. Phew!

Palms from below. Shot by Beckie

California doesn’t disappoint. It’s usually the company I keep that sets the tone of the trip and this trip was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends this trip and eating good food and working on some self-development.

I’m headed home to my people! It’s been a long few days without my kiddos. Can’t wait to see them! Travel is so enjoyable but also pairs with guilt and an anxiousness to return to the normalcies and spontaneity of life at home.

Where’s your first trip of the decade to and when?

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To Raleigh, With Love

My oldest turned ten in August. I told him we could take a solo trip where ever he wanted to go to celebrate. He chose to visit his best friend who moved away last December. So this weekend, we flew to North Carolina. We’re here for a few days.

It took a good few weeks to decide whether he’d like to go to California (for LEGO Land), Oregon (because Gravity Falls), or Washington DC (because history)… and then we debated Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL because we are Kerleys. We appreciate all things Harry Potter, you should know. Elijah ended up prioritizing “relationships”, he said. He prioritized his friend and his own heart. He missed his friend. I feel that, brother. In. My. Soul. I feel that.

We headed to Houston, flew out for a nonstop to Raleigh. I had never flown into RDU, so that was a little adventure to enjoy with E. He did great. He was so excited at takeoff and the descent. It was really cute to see his amazement to this mode of accelerated travel.

I love being able to treat E to this. He had a really hard time when his friend moved and he is so appreciative. I hope this trip sticks with him until next time. Relating to him on that oldest child level, I can see how he serves others and could greatly benefit from unwinding, being a kid and having less on his plate for a minute. When I sit and reflect on parenting this kid, I know God has put him in my life for so many reasons. I’m in awe that children have such forgiving, loving, adoring hearts that can be shaped and molded by those charged with their care. I’m full of gratitude for my child’s unique skills and personality traits that encourage and serve others. I am so humbled by motherhood and opportunity… I know I’m messing things up. But all I know do is apologize when I see it and pray God can cover that misstep. I feel like I won the lottery with the Kerley kids.

Elijah had the best time reuniting with his bestie. So did I! We beached. In November. Weird, I know, but the kiddo had yet to experience the ocean and it was great. We ate. We drank. We were merry.

Where is your favorite beach? If yo’ momma offered to take you on a solo trip, where would you choose? My mom and I took a solo trip earlier this year. We went to Italy and it took me months to blog it, but I did. 🤣

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Time for the recharge.

Colorado Edition.

I love to travel. I almost typed “I usually anticipate the trip more than this time”, but that’s not true. I bought my ticket more than a week ago. I packed, 10 minutes before we were slotted to leave town, and showered after that. This was a totally normal trip in the making. Thankfully, I’m traveling with a “late person” like myself. She arrived 36 minutes after our decided departure, and I was almost ready. How about that!

Today, Tuesday, I’m heading to Denver from Tyler on my first Frontier flight. We arrived to the very quaint airport two hours before departure, so who dis? We got to security just as TSA was opening before the flight. Because it’s such a tiny airport, security is not open all the time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We boarded early, took off early, too! What a good start to this trip. Oh, and the flight was about 40% full on the way there, so all the room was had to spread out!

This week we head to Colorado Springs for work and some down time squished between all the work. I’m looking forward to selling out of several boutiques while traveling. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work and play in a state I haven’t visited in over fifteen years. This is one of my favorite things about my business: flexibility and the sisterhood of welcoming others to benefit each other. It is the best.

Post trip edit:

Frontier was good. I’m super stoked for all the trips I intend to take and how inexpensive it can be! I booked seven flights within twelve hours a few weeks ago and it was less than $400 I do believe.

Back to CO. It snowed. Twice. The first snow, Wednesday, was several inches. But it warmed right up within a couple days, so warm that Brittany, my travel companion and guide, put that Porsche top down Friday. It was beautiful!

Saturday we be-bopped up to Denver for a day at one guest boutique. She was hospitable and we ended the night shipping and getting late dinner and Margs at a restaurant perfectly named: Las Margs. The food was great. The double Marg in the fishbowl was perfection during their late night happy hour.

Sunday, we woke up to new and continuous snow. Our flight was delayed an hour but we arrived home by 10 pm. No complaints. I’m already looking forward to the next trip to CO with my friend. Next on the travel radar is my trip with my oldest. We head to NC for a few days to visit our best friends. We’re stoked! See you soon!

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Wyoming, the beautiful.


I sort of just want to post photos with no text because the views were breathtaking and words do no justice.

But I’ll tell you about my trip. I had an entrepreneurship retreat (I think we’re calling it that…). I paid for the experience in May. It was a steep investment at the time, so this trip was seriously anticipated and needed. I love to travel, and I feel most myself when I’m experiencing new places independently and in a small group with people I love. That’s all just to say… I needed this trip at the beginning of September.

I drove the five hours to Dallas, flew to Salt Lake City, and was bussed to Wyoming. This was a three day excursion. We stayed another three days in Wyoming for the retreat and then journeyed home. The three days in Wyoming were special. Reflective. I didn’t talk a lot but I absorbed as much as I could. I learned tools to help better inform my business actions. I’m stoked to implement new procedures.

Blah. Blah. Blah. So that’s why I went. What I breathed in was fresh air. What I saw was like artwork from God himself. What I felt was NOT hellish heat but cool caresses on my nose and cheeks and the warmth of a beanie and Mimi scarf. I am pro Autumn. I am pro September in Wyoming.


Italy Part 2

Our first day in Napoli was rainy, and we didn’t have grand plans. Shopping. Food. Coffee. Explore. Those were the extent of my expectations. Mom had in the past enjoyed hop on hop off tours, so that happened. We waited in the rain for a bus and took it around town until shopping and food beckoned. We had a great time exploring and the intimidating new city started feeling more magical and historically beautiful by the minute.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the pizzerias and coffee spots we found. We didn’t eat any McD’s that day, but we were impressed with the selection of treats. 😍

Oh, I forgot. I am a terrible planner. I didn’t heed any travel advice I read prior, so I didn’t pack well. I knew we were traveling in winter and it’s likely rain. I still didn’t pack a waterproof jacket. Or boots. On day one when we encountered rain, I was wearing a wool coat. We needed a shopping trip to adequately clothe this thirty year old.

The sun came out midday. All was right in the world.


Italy Part 1

Mom and I went to Italy for my 30th birthday in January. It was our first trip and my first international trip excluding cruises.

I flew from Dallas to Chicago to meet Mom. I flew into Chicago and was greeted with a snow storm and Chicago pizza. We flew from Chicago to Zurich to Naples. We left Chicago around 8 pm and got to Naples around 4 pm. We didn’t even get to go into the Zurich airport because of flight delays leaving Chicago; we got shuttles around outside the airport in Switzerland.

The first walks around the area we were staying in Naples had Mom and myself a bit apprehensive. Should be stay here all week? Do we find somewhere else?

We were told by the front desk when we arrived that restaurants were closed between 5-6:30. We didn’t quite interpret that right, and left to explore around 5:15, only to come back to the hotel empty handed for dinner. We ordered in for dinner and happened upon the best desserts. I seriously cannot wait to go back to Italy for coffee and tiramisu and all the desserts. And pizza, too. We became so much more comfortable after exploring in the morning. And I’m so glad we stayed.

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Time Travel and Stuff

Remind me how that happens again? The time passing what feels like in a blink specifically… I genuinely feel like the first quarter of the year has come and gone, but I was busy LIVING. I just couldn’t… wouldn’t make space for any creative outlets.

In January, I turned 30. My mom and I went to Italy for a week. It was the best of times. Legit, I lived. I coffee’d. I ate. I walked. I saw. ALL. THE. THINGS. No amount of pictures can make my tastebuds enjoy the January coffees again. We went to the island of Capri, saw the sights of Pompeii, and a snippet of Rome. We walked, rode buses and the underground, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Napoli/Naples.

I forgot to mention… PIZZA. The birthplace of PIZZA is where we stayed. We had pizza once or twice a day and it was glorious. It was eye opening and pure. Oh. My. Pizza. Is there pizza like this in the States at all?

I’m already itching to experience  that city again. I didn’t get the tattoo I attempted to schedule, as the artist cancelled due to his prior booking, and I’m not going to lie… that SUCKED. It didn’t ruin the trip though.

My mom had a couple things she really wanted to do in Italy, and seeing the Vatican was on the list. Between the Archaeological Museum in Naples and the Vatican Museum in Rome, we were overwhelmed with culture, history, and all things beautiful. There really are hardly words for the experience.

In addition to the coffee and pizza (and desserts), the other perk of our trip were the people. The guides that knew more than a handful of languages and were experts in history and always pursuing more information were just mind-blowing. On our Capri tour, my mom and I became fast friends with another family on the tour, a priest, his mom, and his aunt. They were from Spain, visiting the priest who now works in Naples. I love meeting new people while traveling.

I’ll attach photos shortly. Because words are difficult. I’ve got to wrap this up, but I’ve never felt so in awe as I was that week. I’m not convinced time travel isn’t a thing, but I think I will pause the LIFE BUTTON, and write again soon. Maybe.