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To Raleigh, With Love

My oldest turned ten in August. I told him we could take a solo trip where ever he wanted to go to celebrate. He chose to visit his best friend who moved away last December. So this weekend, we flew to North Carolina. We’re here for a few days.

It took a good few weeks to decide whether he’d like to go to California (for LEGO Land), Oregon (because Gravity Falls), or Washington DC (because history)… and then we debated Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL because we are Kerleys. We appreciate all things Harry Potter, you should know. Elijah ended up prioritizing “relationships”, he said. He prioritized his friend and his own heart. He missed his friend. I feel that, brother. In. My. Soul. I feel that.

We headed to Houston, flew out for a nonstop to Raleigh. I had never flown into RDU, so that was a little adventure to enjoy with E. He did great. He was so excited at takeoff and the descent. It was really cute to see his amazement to this mode of accelerated travel.

I love being able to treat E to this. He had a really hard time when his friend moved and he is so appreciative. I hope this trip sticks with him until next time. Relating to him on that oldest child level, I can see how he serves others and could greatly benefit from unwinding, being a kid and having less on his plate for a minute. When I sit and reflect on parenting this kid, I know God has put him in my life for so many reasons. I’m in awe that children have such forgiving, loving, adoring hearts that can be shaped and molded by those charged with their care. I’m full of gratitude for my child’s unique skills and personality traits that encourage and serve others. I am so humbled by motherhood and opportunity… I know I’m messing things up. But all I know do is apologize when I see it and pray God can cover that misstep. I feel like I won the lottery with the Kerley kids.

Elijah had the best time reuniting with his bestie. So did I! We beached. In November. Weird, I know, but the kiddo had yet to experience the ocean and it was great. We ate. We drank. We were merry.

Where is your favorite beach? If yo’ momma offered to take you on a solo trip, where would you choose? My mom and I took a solo trip earlier this year. We went to Italy and it took me months to blog it, but I did. 🤣

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