Hustle Week

The last week of the month is always crunch time. I’m always pushing myself to reach a goal and this month is no different. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be for sales, so this week has been put my head down and hustle. I got put in the Facebook jail of sorts during my Colorado Takeover Tour. Which is excellent, you know, because most of my income and sales are generated using Facebook. And I was on a work trip. Trying to make money. It’s fine.

So I’m in jail. And I can’t post from my personal account to groups until afternoon on the 31st. That’s all just to say, I’ve been looking past some obstacles this week. I’m thankful for creative avenues to continue working. But it makes the hustle a little more difficult. I’m doing the dang thing though… so I’ve got major movement to do.

Next on the hardcore hustle list is that my house is not on the market, but feelers are out there. And my husband agreed to show our house Friday. And did I say I haven’t had a house cleaner since March? I haven’t. I’m not the best homemaker anymore (in this scenario, I’m pretending I once was). It’s more than that though… we have so many home projects that we’ve had in the works that we’re now looking square in the face and rushing. An exclamatory, “AHHHH!”, seems fitting.

Let’s not forget the four kids, dance and piano lessons, school event, and a “holiday” this week. AHHHHH!

Guess what I’m doing instead of putting my makeup on and selling clothes?… procrastinating and writing this. Come visit for some madness in your week. 🤪 Wish me luck!

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