Sunday Meal Prep

I’m definitely one that needs to celebrate victories. I don’t care if it’s that I didn’t oversleep all week or if I sold $20k. I need to celebrate. So yesterday, I conquered my kitchen and slayed the meat… err the ground turkey and the chicken thighs and the kids lunch and dinner. And… that’s all. I prepped enough that Luke and I won’t walk into the kitchen mid-day and throw the whole Keto adventure overboard.

I cooked up some ground turkey (because Walmart substituted my ground chicken for turkey). We intent to do taco/nacho/burrito Tuesday eve for dinner, so CHECK. My kids are fiends for tacos and they love nacho cheese, so you can basically give me MOTY (Mom of the Year) crown now. I win.

I made chicken thigh variety of a MS roast with riced cauliflower in the instant pot. This will be Luke and my quick warm up meal for lunches. It is so easy. I threw chicken thighs and some avocado oil in bottom of the pot, topped with pepperoncini peppers and its juices, some butter and riced cauliflower on top. A traditional slow cooker recipe for Mississippi Roast would also have a ranch packet and an jus packet, too.

I still have a pork tenderloin to cook this week. And some organic beef patties. My second oldest loves hamburgers and prefers them to most foods, so… another mom win for the week. Swish!

So here I am, celebrating that I took some time to set us up for success in the kitchen and with our health this week! What’s on your menu? Do you meal plan or prep?

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