The Last 90 of the Decade

It’s here. The final stretch of 2019. I’m not sure it was pivotal on the 90th day (I think it was yesterday… or is it today?)… I had started or re-started my healthier eating habits last week. I intend to keep those. It took some serious BLAH last week to get me motivated to make those healthy choices, I will say. I kept wanting to cut down my sugar intake but I kept spiraling and feeling like I had no control when cravings hit. It took a real rock-bottom feeling to sort of force my hand. But I’m back. I’m already feeling better and the ball is rolling!

That’s one of my final 90 days goal of this decade! Do you have any goals? Any new habits, better habits you’re striving to create now instead of waiting until 2020? I find myself waiting, day after day until the next Monday, you know the perfect start day… or week after week because next month is perfect! Or for January 1st, because what’s fresher than the new year, only to forget by that next perfect day to start, or to abandon it four days in when I lose the motivation or focus.

Do you also struggle with committing to goals your set for yourself? I’ve discovered I am REBEL. I’m a rebel by nature, only following through, committing to, and pursuing goals and ideals that suit the identity I have for myself. So if I’m determined that I’m a healthy person, by God, I’m a healthy person. But if I’m still a person that eats whatever the hell I want to while trying to make healthy choices, I’m going to derail reeeeeally fast. Do you do better with accountability?

What’s something you can improve on by 2020? Let’s brainstorm.

  • Healthy food choices
  • Sticking to a budget/pay off plan
  • Start a fitness routine
  • Read one book a month
  • Consistently go to bed before midnight (that’s so hard for me)
  • Make dinner at home 5-6 times a week.
  • Commit a new verse to memory every week.

That’s my brain dump. Share yours.

1 thought on “The Last 90 of the Decade”

  1. I’d love to start a workout routine or even start healthy eating again! Also a book a month would be a huge goal for me!


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